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Artist Name: CHCRIS

Who are you?

CHCRIS Tien Un Estilo De canto Único Que puede ser Copiado Con Su Voz Grabe y Siempre diciendo Su Nombre CH Ha y mas cosas Le hacen ser Una Voz Única entre Muchos Raperos Todos Suenan Igual y Algunos Se parecen Pero CHC CHCRIS Es Único y No puede Tener Asta Ahora Una Comparación.CHCRIS Has A Unique Singing Style That Can Be Copied With His Voice Record and Always Say His Name CH There are and more things that make Him a Unique Voice among Many Rappers They All Sound the Same and Some Look Alike But CHC CHCRIS Is Unique and Cannot Have Until Now A Comparison.

Where are you from?

CRIS molo akapo is a Musical Artist Rapper and music composer CHCRIS his known stage name (He was born on September 4, 2004) Africa Equatorial Guinea CH has different musical genres that he uses in his songs that are Hip Hop Rap Trap and Drill CHCRIS is It is characterized by being an Artist that its different genres in a song or in a Music Album.

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Song Title: CHCRIS THE MUVISS 46664

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