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Artist Name: HollowFate

Who are you?

I am a mainstage addict 🙂
Seriously, I performed in all stages in Cuba during my time there. My live performance is a "place" for me. A place where I stop being who I am, and become HollowFate.
HollowFate is a DJ that loves to feel as one with both the electronic music AND the audience. My music was energy-filled until I started changing my very own roots and sounding. It is still energy-based music but now is more futurey.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Cuba, a little island on the caribbean sea.
We really had to work there with whatever we had, and try to do so much with so little… our friends and family are mostly humble. It is a beautiful country very rich in culture and historical roots, but due to limitations both political and economical, I was really short on possibilities, so I had to travel to Spain and re-invent my musical style.
The electronic music scene in Cuba is really underrated, with top-ranking artists such as BeutNoise, DaLe Havana, PauZa, Nemesy, JaidPit and many other really talented artists not being recognized inside their own land, despite having hundreds of thousands of streams of their music across all platforms. Another issue is that the internet is really stricted inside Cuba, making it almost impossible for any artist to gain a crowd or followers from the island, thus only growing their fanbase worldwide, except for the listeners inside Cuba.

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direct spotify link: open.spotify.com/artist/4nm9EHccDfzo5IhnVvIrsQ?si=Xb98UzQJRPeO7xxsU1GgQg

Song Title: Witchcraft

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