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Published by The Supreme Team on March 15, 2023

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Artist Name: JJBaby

Who are you?

As an artist I never liked being call a rapper, I always introduced myself as a musician or music artist. I describe myself more as in like a punk, rock and rap artist. As an artist I want to make the people who listen to me to have a connection with my lyrics and songs, to make them feel comfortable, make them feel like they are not alone. "JJ is always there for you" is what I been saying because as artist I care about the licenser.

Where are you from?

I am from New Jersey, the music over really not it when it comes to my type of music, but my jersey heads know we got talent over here, but I do see people from jersey being influence by New York drill. I do fuck with it I can't lie but I personally think New York drill is way better.

How can we follow you?

You can find all my music in every platform.
You can find my socials media accounts at (Official_JJBaby, JJbaby_live-twitch only)

Song Title: Got 2 j's

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