No Face No Case

by | Mar 13, 2023

Published by The Supreme Team on March 13, 2023

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Artist Name: No Face No Case

Who are you?

I’m a hybrid artist that combines rap and singing over bass heavy beats with a sad undertone and realistic but depressing lyrical themes handling addiction, depression, heartbreak, and dealing with mental illness as a young adult in America.

Where are you from?

I’m from Rockford Illinois, the music scene is underground but very vast with a lot of talented underrated artists. Shoutout Clementine and Colorado Ave.

How can we follow you?

My music is on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, Bandlab, YouTube, Rumble, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Rap Chat, and Rap Fame, as well as Deezer

Song Title: I don’t wanna be left waiting, feat. Lil Mac

Listen to No Face No Case: