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Published by The Supreme Team on January 11, 2023

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Artist Name: SadCoolFlops

Who are you?

I am a artist who try to make music in different kind of genres. I always wanted to be a music artist because it just always gives me a special feeling i cant describe. i want people to listen to my music and also get a special feeling. my goal is to save people from pain and suffering with my craft and it gives me a purpose in life. without music im nowhere. My music is mostly hip-hop or r&b and i produce, write and make the covers myself. my lyrics are a reflection of the stuff ive been through and i try to be as 'real' as possible. i would love yo make other genres but i firstly need to perfect my craft with my writing and producing skills. i hope you like my music and maybe give me feedback on what i can improve. thank you all!

Where are you from?

i am a 23-year old artist from the netherlands that produces every song i made myself. all my lyrics are english and written by me too (at the moment my writingskills arent that great but i am trying to improve myself). the music scene in the netherlands is pretty unique but not many are trying to do it international.

How can we follow you?

i dont really use social media that much but i am planning to release as much music as i can. hope you enjoy and stick with me in this soul train! thank you all!

Song Title: Soul train

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