Skai Pwonmai

by | Nov 23, 2022

Published by The Supreme Team on November 23, 2022

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Artist Name: Skai Pwonmai

Who are you?

My goal as an artist is to write music that makes you wanna move. My favorite songs all have that quality, they just make me start dancing. If my head don't wanna bob to what I'm hearing, I probably wouldn't listen to it again tbh. I like a wide array of edm, but I'm really into hard and energetic house beats, hip hop, and rap in no particular order. I try to incorporate elements from all of those into my tracks. I'm working on a music video for Pikachuu, as well as a collection of songs (maybe an EP) centered on that same dark vibe. I also plan to explore and experiment a little, but I would never put out something that I wasn't feeling first.

Where are you from?

My Uncle taught me to mix vinyl records in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona at 11 years old. I had an interest in being a DJ and would daydream of someday making my own danceable tracks. Then I turned 12 and got a little DAW called Beaterator made by Timbaland on my PSP, and nobody could pull me away from it. At all. I was glued to it. I tried to make my own stuff but it was garbage. I knew what I had to do. All day and all night I would reverse engineer, recreate and dissect songs that I enjoyed so I could learn what makes em tick. Then at 15 years old I got FL Studio as a gift over the holidays from my Pops because he could tell my PSP-made projects were improving. From there I just never stopped that cycle. I learned FL and worked my way up to some releases on a small label under a different artist name which proved to me that I really can deliver as a professional. One of my childhood best friends, Shadez, came back into my life around that time. We worked on some projects as a team and really cultivated our sounds together. I remember going with him to clubs in Scottsdale to watch him DJ an incredible set and sometimes he would play out whatever we had just cooked up that day to read the crowd reaction. I think working with him majorly improved the direction of my music because he has always had such a good taste for what actually slaps vs what doesn't..

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Song Title: Pikachuu

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