Young Xlouds

by | Sep 9, 2022


Published by The Supreme Team on September 9, 2022

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Artist Name: Young Xlouds

Who are you?

Very genuine, caring, helpful and at times I can be the complete opposite, but only if I feel someone deserves it. All I try to do I guide and help people since kindness gets you further in any situation

Where are you from?

Young Xlouds is an underground artist from Ontario Canada, He’s been making and learning how to mix and master songs on Fl Studio for over 4 years and offers mixing and producing services for any and all underground artist. Recently he’s been working with artists from all around the states (USA) on a collaborative album and a personal album, producing almost 100% of the beats and most of the vocal mixing his personal album is set to be released on 9/19/22 so keep an eye on his artist pages on any of your preferred streaming platforms

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Song Title: Jack Sperrow

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