Soundcloud pays me to promote my music on the platform?

by | Mar 13, 2023

The Supreme Team - Organic SoundCloud Promotion and Reposts

Published by The Supreme Team on March 13, 2023

SoundCloud has various promotional tools available for artists who want to promote their music on the platform, but they do not pay individual artists to promote their music.

As an artist on SoundCloud, you can use their promotional tools such as Promote on SoundCloud and Promote on Repost to promote your tracks to a wider audience. These tools allow you to reach more listeners by promoting your tracks in different ways, such as through targeted promotion to specific users or through placement on popular playlists.

It’s important to note that promoting your music on SoundCloud or any other platform does not guarantee success or increased earnings. Ultimately, the success of your music on SoundCloud will depend on factors such as the quality of your music, your marketing efforts, and your ability to connect with your audience.